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An Introduction to Liraglutide

Posted by: admin on: October 31, 2011

In recent years diabetes is prevailing widely and has become matter of concern. Newer and newer drugs are coming to control diabetes. Recent introduction of Liraglutide seems to be promising. Team@CMHF

Recent study suggests the same efficacy of newer combination of ciclesonide and formoterol as of fluticasone and salmeterol. Team@CMHF

What is the next penicillin?

Posted by: admin on: October 17, 2011

Antibiotics will only remain useful for so long and new approaches to infectious disease management need to be considered. Is there a way we can force the bacteria to get sick so they can’t do the same to us. Human viral diseases are a big deal. They cause millions of deaths every year, a huge […]

Should the FDA have rejected Contrave?

Posted by: admin on: October 13, 2011

by Daniel J. Carlat, MD Recently, the FDA has rejected another anti-obesity drug, Contrave, because of concerns that it might cause heart attacks in patients who take it for years. FDA’s excessive caution was motivated by its experience having been burned by the Fen-Phen fiasco. This was a weight loss drug widely prescribed in the […]

Neuromuscular Blockers in Early ARDS

Posted by: admin on: October 11, 2011

Background. Neuromuscular blocking agents are occasionally used in mechanically ventilated patients with severe ventilation and oxygenation impairment when sedatives are not effective.[5] Papazian and associates sought to determine whether treatment with a neuromuscular blocker improved clinical outcomes in patients with early severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

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