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Dr C H Asrani, established CM Health Foundation (CMHF) in 2010 with a vision of conducting novel CME sessions for practicing Primary Care Practitioners. CMHF Conducted a unique full day session on “Interpretation of commonly used Lab investigations” peppered with case scenarios. 30th Jan 2011 saw a never before session on “Clinical Examination: an art” with case-specific role-plays (enacted by doctors) that resulted in excellent understanding and imbibing of core points by delegates.

An editorial in a reputed US journal in Feb 2011, recommends the steps for CME, already put in practice by Dr C H Asrani – Another salute to Indian Thinking!

An editorial by James A. Arrighi, M.D., a cardiologist with Rhode Island Hospital, explains the effective methods to change physician behavior and improve compliance to guidelines. The editorial is published online in advance of print of the February 8 edition of the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation.


“A consistent finding in the literature is that simple educational approaches that use conferences and passive learning methods are not effective in altering physician behavior. Since the initial development of clinical guidelines in medicine, and now with the more recent development of the AUC, the real challenge is the development of effective methods for their implementation.”

In his editorial, Arrighi points to ways to optimize educational efforts. He recommends multifaceted or multimedia approaches to educational initiatives; interactive approaches such as case discussions, role playing, peer discussions and case-based learning as opposed to passive forms of learning; sequential or longitudinal efforts rather than single point interventions; and techniques the reinforce the targeted behavior, especially ongoing personalized feedback.

What is C M Health Foundation? What are the membership criteria?

C M Health Foundation is a NGO registered under Mumbai Public Charitable Act 1950 with the aim of offering unique, innovative, primary care centric CME to practicing medicos. There is no membership fee of C M Health Foundation. Any practicing medico can select a programme, pay the registration fee and attend the programme.

Who all constitute C M Health Foundation?

      This is brain child of Dr C H Asrani and has the following dignitaries associated:
  • Dr Snehalata Deshmukh – Patron
  • Padmashree Dr Alaka Deshpande – Patron
  • Prof K C R Raja – Chairman Board of Advisors
  • Board of advisors
    • Prof Dr Shashank Joshi
    • Dr R S Gulati
    • Dr Manoj Bharucha
    • Dr Sanjeev Mehta
    • Dr Shweta Rastogi
    • Dr Sangita Pikale
    • Dr Bhujang Pai
    • Dr Ravindra Chittal
    • Dr Sachin Almel
    • Dr C Balakrishnan
    • Dr Sanjiv Badhwar
    • Dr Nitin Balakrishnan
    • Ms Radhika Mohan
  • Family physicians on board
    • Dr Hemant Patel
    • Dr Asmita Shah
    • Dr Ramesh Subramaniam
    • Dr Rajni Gwalani

What is special about C M Health Foundation programmes?

  • All CME sessions will be peppered with case scenarios that delegates will identify with
  • There will be session using case histories, role plays
  • All delegates will have e-mail support for 6 weeks from the day of training
  • C M Health Foundation will offer workshops to empower Primary Care Practitioners in turning their clinics as special clinics for
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Obesity
    • Arthritis
    • HIV
    • Asthma/ COPD
    • Headache
    • Vertigo
    • Well baby clinics
  • C M Health Foundation, in addition to clinical sessions, will also train PCPs in non-clinical skills eg
    • Communication skills
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Managing money
    • Maintaining records
    • Using computers for better practice and better revenue
    • Using the internet for immediate update.. and much more/ COPD

Programs conducted

  1. Interpretation of commonly used lab investigations. click for details (pdf)
  2. Clinical Examination an Art. click for details (pdf)
  3. Family Physician and dietary advice. click for details (pdf)
  4. 4-day intensive workshop in managing HIV-AIDS. click for details (pdf), print this form and send it to us to attend this workshop.

Programs announced

1. Interpretation & correlation of commonly used lab investigations.

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