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CABG remains the main stay treatment for triple vessel disease. Not only it helps revascularisation but also prevents MI, thus increasing lifespan.                                            Team@CMHF

ACC/AHA release new guidelines for HCM

Posted by: drchasrani on: June 14, 2012

It has been observed that there are many patients of hyertrophic cardiomyopathy than thought. Hence a new guide line is suggested for treating them.                                                    Team@CMHF

Clopidogrel dose tripled to overcome genetic resistance.

Posted by: drchasrani on: June 14, 2012

A study found that tripling the standard dose of clopidogrel was able to overcome genetic resistance to the drug. No major untoward effects were seen during the study.                                                       […]

Heart failure patients need to be given straight forward and clear instructions for the fear of loss of gray matter and declining mental faculties. Team@CMHF

Aspirin for DVT Prevention in Travelers is not the answer

Posted by: admin on: April 25, 2012

The updated guidelines recommends use of lower molecular heparin to asprin in travelers at risk of DVT. Read up to know more. Team@CMHF

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