Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnership with teaching institutions

Keeping in line with Government of India’s National policy on Skill development, C M Health Foundation offers Academic Partnership with Teaching institutions.

Which institutions qualify?

Any teaching institution (school, colleges (medical or otherwise, university departments etc) where students have to learn some aspect of health/ medicine as part of their curriculum, can seek assistance.

What are the benefits to the institutions?

There is a shortage of training staff especially visiting faculty. Team from C M Health Foundation, in consultation with the management and based on the syllabus, will create training programmes (also taking in account the ethnicity and language proficiency of the students) and deliver them.

Some of the highlights of training programmes:

  1. Talks customized to client needs and based on latest knowledge domain
  2. Team comprising of practicing doctors, nutritionists, counselors etc, with good communication skills and trained in presentation skills
  3. Extensive use of audio visuals for better understanding of complex matter
  4. Jargon free, user friendly language
  5. Enough time allotted for Q & A session
  6. Available across India as well as overseas
  7. Post training support for query resolution (through e-mail)
  8. Online cum print format assessment

For further details/ clarifications, please contact

Dr Sushma Jaiswal Head-Operations at

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