Some of the questions facing most practicing doctors:

  • How do we keep track of the fast changing world of medicine when every single day there are advancements in techniques, technology & consumer expectations?
  • How do we educate ourselves?
  • How do we guide patients into taking the right decisions?
  • How do we separate the facts from the marketing hype?
  • How de we reach out to others and learn from their experience so that we do not repeat their mistakes and benefit from their experience?
  • How do we secure our position in the highly competitive world?

One answer for ALL these and many other similar queries is Continuing Medical Education.

At CMHF – Hundreds of articles telling you how doctors across the world are practicing; latest happenings from across the world, latest trends, guidelines, do’s and dont’s, opinion polls, quizzes etc.

In addition, CMHF will also hold regular workshops and CME sessions.

Programs conducted

  1. Interpretation of commonly used lab investigations. click for details (pdf)
  2. Clinical Examination an Art. click for details (pdf)
  3. Family Physician and dietary advice. click for details (pdf)
  4. Presentation Skills. click for details (pdf)
  5. 4-day intensive workshop in managing HIV-AIDS. click for details (pdf), print this form and send it to us to attend this workshop.
  6. Interpretation & clinical co-relation of commonly used lab investigations click for details CME Nov 11
  7. Algorithm for rational management of hyperglycaemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Details
  8. Learn to read an ECG. After the session participants will be able to read a ECG tracing (Basic waves, Ischemia, Infarct, Heart Blocks etc) enough to diagnose emergency, compare for improvement & timely referral. On 11th December 2011; 10 am to 12.30 pm; WRIC Kalina campus. Details
  9. X-ray chest

Programs announced

1. Managing Tuberculosis – 2 and 1/2 day certificate course with illustrious speakers. 9th Sept (9.30-5.00), 15th September (2.00-5.00) & 16th September (9.30-5.00) Managing Tuberculosis

9 Responses to "CME"

When is cme on social skills

Soon; Maybe end Sept

pl reg me for JULY prgm.

with best regards


want to know about certificate course in hospital management for non doctor hospital directors

Will revert as soon as we have affiliation.

6th Novembers cme

i don’t have word to appreciate Dr CH Asrani skill of explanation very simple most infomative

Hi it was the cme i liked to attend even though it was a sunday.
All speaker were well experienced, yet eager to share their knowlede with others.
CME with a difference!!!

Thank you v.much.Seminar was a wonderful experiance,v.v.informative.

@Seminar on Interpretation & clinical co-relation of commonly used lab investigations…Our experience was nice…
Dr Mangesh Deshpande

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