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Drugs May Slow Aging Process, Extend Life to 150 Years

Posted by: admin on: October 24, 2011

The proverbial fountain of youth could be in the form of drugs, after all. -Team@CMHF

Two new tests help detect risk for heart disease and stroke

Posted by: admin on: October 19, 2011

There are at least two newer tests perhaps more important than cholesterol level that can help a doctor see just how likely it is you’re at risk. -Team@CMHF

Background. Inappropriate use of antibiotics in the intensive care unit (ICU) is associated with antimicrobial resistance, which can affect patient outcomes. Procalcitonin, a calcitonin precursor hormone, is a specific marker for bacterial infection in patients with sepsis. The objective of the study was to determine whether an algorithm derived from the biomarker procalcitonin is effective […]

Combination therapy is an effective strategy to increase antihypertensive efficacy in those patients with poor blood pressure (BP) control. In order to achieve BP targets, at least 75% of patients may require combination therapy, particularly in those patients with a high cardiovascular risk. Evidence from large, randomized controlled trials, and the European hypertension treatment guidelines […]

OBJECTIVE Use of gastric bypass surgery is common and increasing. Over 40% of patients in diabetes remission after gastric bypass surgery may redevelop diabetes within 5 years. Metformin, the first-line drug for diabetes, has low bioavailability and slow, incomplete gastrointestinal absorption. We hypothesized that gastric bypass would further reduce the absorption and bioavailability of metformin.

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