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Niacin added to statin therapy gave significant improvement on HDL and Triglyceride levels but had no added effect on LDL levels says a report. Team@CMHF

Declining GFR Linked to Mortality Risk After MI

Posted by: admin on: February 23, 2012

Mortality rate increased in Myocardial Infarction patients as kidney function declined. Read on to know more. Team@CMHF

NSTEMI Guidelines: Are the US and Europe in Harmony?

Posted by: admin on: November 21, 2011

At the ESC meeting in Paris, the new European guidelines on non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction were released. -Team@CMHF The updated ACCF/AHA guidelines came out in March 2011. While there is concordance for early invasive management, there are subtle differences relating to adjunctive pharmacologics. For one, ticagrelor was not included in the US update since it […]

Eyelid Lipid Plaques Predict CV Disease

Posted by: admin on: November 17, 2011

Time and again on general examination we have come across lipid plaques on the eye lids of our patients. Here is a study highlighting its significance. Team@CMHF

Recent MI Increases Risks of Surgery

Posted by: admin on: October 13, 2011

A recent heart attack remains a significant risk factor for complications and death after major surgery, despite advances in clinical management, researchers reported. But the risk of a postoperative MI or death decreased substantially as the time between the first MI and the surgery increased, according to Christian de Virgilio, MD, of the Los Angeles […]

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