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The Institute Of Medicine is widely recognized as setting guidelines for pregnancy. The last time they revised their estimates was in 1990. Figure out the Body mass index (BMI). It doesn’t directly measure the fat, but research has shown BMI correlates with accurate measurements of body fat. a.If BMI is less than 18.5= Underweight b.BMI […]

Menopause and cancer: What women should know

Posted by: admin on: April 30, 2011

Menopause often brings more than physical changes. It also may bring uncertainty about cancer risks and cancer prevention. How does menopause affect a woman’s cancer risk? Menopause does not cause cancer. But your risk of developing cancer increases as you age. So women going through menopause have a greater chance of developing cancer because they’re […]

Lap band surgery availability widened

Posted by: admin on: April 30, 2011

CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton, who conducted a year of obesity surgery research in her career, said on “The Early Show” she’s not surprised by the new guidelines. She explained, “(The guidelines) have to do with the criteria under which patients are eligible for obesity surgery. In the past, if patients needed to […]

More than half a million children under 15 in the United States go under the knife each year to have their tonsils removed. As such, it’s one of the most common surgical procedures. It’s not a totally benign procedure — the bleed rate is 5 percent or a few tens of thousands — and obviously, […]

Clinicians do not lack for alternative therapies if patients with type 2 diabetes ask to be switched from rosiglitazone (Avandia, GlaxoSmithKline) to another glucose-lowering medication, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and 2 other expert groups. The drug is again under increased scrutiny over cardiovascular risks. Dr. Bergenstal, who also is executive director of […]


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