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How safe is Intranasal Corticosteroid?

Posted by: admin on: May 10, 2012

Nasal steroid drops have always been the first choice of treatment for allergic rhinitis. But its safety on long term usage has always been a cause of concern. Here is something to know about. Team@CMHF

Allergic Rhinitis has always posed a problem to the family clinician and ENT specialists with respect to its chronicity. Usage of steroid nasal drops has become a must. Here is a study on their efficiency.    Team@CMHF

Meniere’s disease

Posted by: admin on: October 31, 2011

Many chronic conditions there are difficult to control or cure with western medicines. People than opt for alternative medicine and find relief. Meniere’s disease is one such condition where acupuncture has been found useful. Team@CMHF

The physical examination of the head and neck is both simple and challenging. Simple, in that even children are familiar with the shape of the face, the sheen of the eye, the curve of the ear, and the texture of the tongue. Challenging, because when complicated, interlacing structures malfunction, they send mixed and subtle messages. […]

  AOM is the most common condition for which antibiotics are prescribed for children however, wide variation exists in diagnosis and treatment Accurate diagnosis can be made by otoscopic findings of tympanic membrane bulging. Otoscopic findings are critical to accurate AOM diagnosis Antibiotics are modestly more effective than no treatment but it causes adverse effects […]

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