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Medical Specialists Cares for Diabetic Patients

Posted by: drchasrani on: June 16, 2012

With rising number of Diabetes patients all over world and especially in India, we need to establish a system which can have maximum access, to the patients. Since it is a life long condition it requires proper management. Thus we can pick up high risk patients at an early stage and prevent dreadful complications and […]

Women mainstay of diabetes care: NGO

Posted by: drchasrani on: June 15, 2012

Management of Type-2 diabetes is three folds. A healthy diet, exercise, and regular monitoring of the disease. Women play important role in implementing all three.                                           Team@CMHF

Stress cortisol and its consequences

Posted by: admin on: April 18, 2012

Depression, CVD, metabolic syndrome all have stress as a root cause say a couple of studies done in the US, Australia and UK. With recession hitting us hard we need to manage this effectively. Team@CMHF

Global TB control in diabetics

Posted by: admin on: April 16, 2012

Study unveils a definite relation between diabetes and tuberculous. Early detection and integrated treatment with good diabetic control needed for global TB Control. Team@CMHF

Physicians in 35% of cases involving more than 250,000 newly diagnosed diabetes patients did not follow the American Diabetes Association/European Association for the Study of Diabetes consensus guidelines for recommended treatment, according to a new CVS Caremark study. -Team@CMHF  

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