Reducing stress well in our hands

Posted by: admin on: April 19, 2012

Spare a few minutes a day for conscious breathing or meditation or exercise and see the stress vanish into relaxation say experts.


What do exercise, laughter and enjoying someone’s company have in common? They may help reduce stress.

“Stress can kill you, it can make you sick,” said Andrew Weil, MD with Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. “We can’t live without it, but you’ve got to learn methods to protect yourself from its harmful effects.”

Job number one: learn to relax, really.

“There’s some specific breathing techniques, most of them derived from yoga that are very powerful methods…”

Simply make your breathing deeper, slower and more regular. Another way to calm the mind and body is through daily meditation. And even though it’s hard to fit into the day, exercise is a great stress reliever According to Weil; there are a few more tips to help reduce stress, “Making sure you get good sleep, avoiding excessive use of caffeine, which can worsen stress.”
Learning how to relax and manage stress takes work, but know it is worth the effort and may help protect your health.


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