AUA, AIUM join hands in making a guideline for urologic ultrasound examination

Posted by: admin on: January 23, 2012

AIUM in collaboration with AUA not only trained urologists in ultrasound practice but also in maintaining a record and educating the patients, and helped them in acquiring accredition for ultrasound.


The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) and the AUA have announced the collaborative development of a practice guideline for the performance of an ultrasound examination in urology.

This guideline has been developed to assist practitioners and provides direction in the areas of kidney, bladder, prostate, scrotal, and penile ultrasound, the AUA said in a statement. The guideline also addresses key issues relating to documentation, quality control and improvement, safety, infection control, and patient education.

The AUA and AIUM also announced the collaborative development of training guidelines for urologists who perform ultrasound. The guidelines serve as a roadmap for practices wishing to voluntarily seek accreditation for ultrasound through the AIUM.

“Urologists were pleased to participate in the development of guidelines for the ultrasound imaging studies we routinely perform in the office setting,” said guideline task force member Pat Fulgham, MD, of Urology Clinics of North Texas, Dallas. “We look forward to working with the AIUM in the development of new guidelines and protocols to ensure the high quality of imaging in the practice of urology.”



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