A Comparative study of urinary albumin excretion- a marker for CVD- among 4 types of calcium channel blockers

Posted by: admin on: January 30, 2012

A study on albuminuria  among the  hypertensives  on CCB   showed that Nifedipine and Clinidipine are superior  as kidney protectors than other CCBs.


At the intervention for cardiovascular disease (CVD), albuminuria is a new pivotal target. Calcium channel blocker (CCB) is one of the most expected agents. Currently CCBs have been classified by delivery system, half-life and channel types. We tested anti-albuminuric effect among 4 types of CCBs.

METHODS: Subjects were 50 hypertensives (SBP/DBP 164.7±17.1/92.3±12.2mmHg, s-Cr 0.81±0.37mg/dl, urinary albumin excretion (UAE) 69.4 (33.5-142.6) mg/gCr).

Four CCBs were administered in a crossover setting: nifedipine CR, cilnidipine, efonidipine, and amlodipine.

RESULTS: Comparable BP reductions were obtained. UAE at endpoints were as follows nifedipine CR 30.8 cilnidipine 33.9 (efonidipine 51.0 (amlodipine 40.6).

CONCLUSIONS: It is revealed that only nifedipine CR and cilnidipine could reduce albuminuria statistically. Thus, it is suggested that the 2 CCBs might be favorable for organ protection in hypertensives.

Ref: http://www.docguide.com/crossover-comparison-urinary-albumin-excretion-new-surrogate-marker-cardiovascular-disease-among-4-t?hash=80445d1a&eid=23778&alrhash=2efbb8-880279c42369cc2f8adcb48a6daaf3d2


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