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Routine imaging for low back pain with radiography or advanced imaging methods, such as computed tomography (CT) scanning or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), does not improve patient health, according to recommendations issued by the Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians (ACP) regarding high-value healthcare for diagnostic imaging for low back pain. The […]

Defensive practice is the order of the day. With the cost of health care sky rocketing, and with professionals finding it difficult to take time off from busy schedules if sick, and fear factor- is any thing wrong with me?, has made people to go in for preventive investigations and treatment. But there has also […]

Women May Be Getting Unneeded Heart Imaging Tests

Posted by: admin on: June 8, 2011

Women are more likely than men to be referred for unnecessary nuclear stress tests, a new study contends. A nuclear stress test, also called myocardial perfusion imaging. U.S. researchers analyzed 314 nuclear stress tests to determine whether they met so-called appropriate use criteria, guidelines set by the American College of Cardiology Foundation to help doctors […]

The American College of Physicians stated in new practice guidelines that Imaging scans to diagnose lower back pain are unnecessary in most cases and may do more harm than good. On the contrary, the scans may pick up unrelated abnormalities, leading to additional tests or procedures that are of no benefit and some scans expose […]

Skip the MRI for Low Back Pain

Posted by: admin on: April 21, 2011

Immediate imaging with X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs for patients with acute low back pain is not recommended for all patients, according to new guidelines by the American College of Physicians. Imaging tests are appropriate for people with low back pain that may be due to cancer, infection, nerve damage or pain that worsens despite […]

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