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High Carbs and Lean Body Mass

Posted by: admin on: February 2, 2012

High Calorie diet irrespective of the protein intake makes up for the fat accumulation and obesity.

Too much of Endurance Exercise May Turn Harmful.

Posted by: admin on: January 27, 2012

How often we turn passionate about exercising and land up doing more than  recommended! Here is a study stating you are in for trouble if so. Team@CMHF

There are several encouraging statistics to celebrate about HIV/AIDS: The UN says that world HIV/AIDS-related deaths have fallen 21% since their peak in 2005. The cost of treatment has decreased steadily in recent years. And plenty more statistics point to overwhelmingly positive progress. But if there’s one thing that threatens the road to AIDS-free world, […]

Everyone has their own idea of fitness and exercise. A need of the day is to find a regime which everyone can follow. Exercise is the key to fitness and can prevent many lifestyle diseases. Team@CMHF

Committee Led by TC’s Garber Issues New Exercise Guidelines

Posted by: admin on: December 29, 2011

It is important for people understand that even a small amount of exercise goes a long way to improve health. The new guidelines suggested to minimize inactivity. Strength training and flexibility are as important as aerobic exercise. Team@CMHF

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    Strawberry - 31 kcal in 100g
    Strawberry - 31 kcal in 100g
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