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ACCF/AHA stress ABI, smoking cessation, and meds for PAD

Posted by: admin on: October 18, 2011

The American College of Cardiology Foundation and American Heart Association (ACCF/AHA have updated their guidelines for the management of patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), emphasizing the expanded use of ankle-brachial index (ABI) measurements for earlier diagnosis, increased attention on getting patients to quit smoking, and better use of antiplatelet and other antithrombotic medications. -Team@CMHF

Cancer patients in denial over poor lifestyle choices

Posted by: admin on: September 2, 2011

Cancer cannot be attributed to only stress and genetics. Life style matters a lot. This article lets us now how we blame things not in our hands, when we can well control our life style and reduce the chances of acquiring cancer. Team@CMHF

Background Because of the quick development and widespread use of mobile phones, and their vast effect on communication and interactions, it is important to study possible negative health effects of mobile phone exposure. The overall aim of this study was to investigate whether there are associations between psychosocial aspects of mobile phone use and mental […]

Working overtime can increase coronary artery disease risk

Posted by: admin on: August 23, 2011

British civil servants working three to four hours longer than usual per day appear to have an increased risk of having a coronary heart disease event, a prospective cohort study showed. After accounting for traditional cardiovascular risk factors and other variables, those working 11 to 12 hours per day had a 56 percent greater risk […]

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