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Educating patients make a great difference in management of the disease. Hypertension is one such condition. The patients can be saved from dreadful outcome of the disease if they are educated in the management of the disease. Team@CMHF

Combination therapy is an effective strategy to increase antihypertensive efficacy in those patients with poor blood pressure (BP) control. In order to achieve BP targets, at least 75% of patients may require combination therapy, particularly in those patients with a high cardiovascular risk. Evidence from large, randomized controlled trials, and the European hypertension treatment guidelines […]

Previous studies have demonstrated that individual anti-hypertension medications have different effects when administered in the morning vs. the evening. However, the impact of administration timing on fixed combinations of anti-hypertensive medications on blood pressure control is still unknown. In the present study, we examined the administration time-dependent effects of a fixed combination of amlodipine and […]

Hypertension prevalence has increased by leaps and bounds. Multi drug therapy is the treatment mode used. What is the preferred combination? Read on to know more. Team@CMHF

We are no longer surprised when a patient is asked if they take their blood pressure medicines every day, and we are told “it depends.” This can not only be amusing, but frustrating to the physician attempting to achieve blood pressure control in order to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, among other […]

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