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At least 3-yearly BP checks advised in primary care

Posted by: admin on: November 25, 2011

Hypertension is silent condition. Many patients are picked up on screening. Hence it is advisable to go for regular BP check up after the age of 40 0r earlier if the other risk factors are present. Team@CMHF

Educating patients make a great difference in management of the disease. Hypertension is one such condition. The patients can be saved from dreadful outcome of the disease if they are educated in the management of the disease. Team@CMHF

A new report shows, for the first time, that older men who spend the least time asleep in the so-called slow-wave sleep (SWS) phase are more likely to develop hypertension than those who spend the most time in SWS. A study shows for the first time that poor-quality blood-pressure reflected by reduced slow-wave sleep, puts […]

AIM: More frequent office visits to PCP help diabetics

Posted by: admin on: October 27, 2011

A variety of studies have shown that patients who visit their physicians more frequently have better outcomes, however the quality of these visits may be more important than the frequency. Team@ CMHF

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