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A cardiologist discusses screening for vascular disease

Posted by: admin on: August 16, 2011

Just last week I saw a full-page ad in the newspaper for a series of medical screening tests — EKG, echocardiogram, aortic ultrasound, and the like (all interpreted by “certified doctors”) — that a person could arrange for oneself or a loved one. We newspaper readers were told we could arrange to have these tests […]

In Hypertension,Strong Men Live Longer

Posted by: admin on: August 4, 2011

Hypertensive men with the most muscle strength appear to have a lower risk of dying than their weaker counterparts, researchers found. Even after controlling for cardiorespiratory fitness level and other potential confounders, men in the upper third of muscle strength were 34% less likely to die during an average follow-up of about 18 years (HR […]

Perindopril for the treatment of hypertension

Posted by: admin on: June 18, 2011

The control of hypertension with perindopril amlodipine combination far supersedes, the so far considered effective combination of atenenol and diuretic. Here is the new study. Team@CMHF

New Guide for Managing High BP in Seniors

Posted by: admin on: May 31, 2011

The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association have issued the first guidance specifically for the treatment of hypertension in patients 65 and older in the form of an expert consensus document. In general, the target blood pressure should be less than 140/90 mm Hg, although the authors acknowledged that there was some […]

Objective: To assess the impact of a pay for performance incentive on quality of care and outcomes among UK patients with hypertension in primary care. Design: Interrupted time series. Setting: The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database, United Kingdom. Participants: 470 725 patients with hypertension diagnosed between January 2000 and August 2007.

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