Skipping Breakfast?-Think Twice

Posted by: admin on: April 13, 2012

How many times have we heard that we need to start our day with a high carbohydrate breakfast. But do we know what we are in for least, we skip one.


People skipping breakfast had better mend their ways, as a new study shows how the morning meal reduces stress and improves mental and physical performance throughout the day.
Volunteers who ate after waking up benefited from an 89 percent reduction in anxiety when faced with a challenging situation.

They were typically able to deal with the dilemma seven percent quicker than on days when they went without it. Participants in the study performed a series of tests on two days — one when they had their breakfast and one when they hadn’t.

According to The Cognitive Effects of Breakfast study, in total 61 percent showed an improvement in English and arithmetic tests after eating.

Hand-eye coordination also improved significantly. Conversely, some participants found they were unable to concentrate long enough to complete the series of 25 tests properly if they had not eaten.

It leaves over half of them feeling “stressed”, “lethargic”, “unproductive” and “grumpy”. Those aged 25 to 34 are particularly affected if they do not eat, the research showed.


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