Kidney Patients Using Harmful Dietary Supplements

Posted by: admin on: March 13, 2012

American Society of Nephrology has made a study showing   intake of harmful dietary supplements contribute to speeding of chronic kidney Disease in those at risk which is completely avoidable. Take a look at this article.


PHILADELPHIA — From 10% to 15% of patients with chronic kidney disease reported using potentially nephrotoxic dietary supplements, an analysis of a large government database showed.

Overall, 52.4% of 21,169 survey respondents reported using dietary supplements. The likelihood of self-reported supplement use was increased among individuals with chronic kidney disease.

Total supplement use included substances identified as potentially nephrotoxic by the National Kidney Foundation in 15.3% of cases

Self-reported use of the potentially harmful supplements declined from 16.1% of individuals with no kidney disease to 13.0% of those with stage 1-2 chronic kidney disease to 10.0% of those with stage 3-4 kidney disease, Vanessa Grubbs, MD, reported here at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) meeting.

“Although the raw numbers were a little bit lower among people who had kidney disease, when we accounted for things like age, gender, and education, people who had kidney disease were as likely to be taking a potentially harmful dietary supplement as those who had no kidney disease at all,” Grubbs, of the University of California San Francisco, said during an ASN press briefing.

“This is important because among people who have kidney disease, the vast majority are not aware they have kidney disease. Even among people who have advanced kidney disease, less than 10% are aware that they have kidney disease.”

“People are taking these supplements because they think they are improving their health,” she added “The fact that the supplements can cause harm that is entirely preventable also is an important point.”

The study evolved from the recognition that chronic kidney disease constitutes a growing problem in the U.S., currently affecting an estimated 26 million adults, including 500,000 patients on dialysis, said Grubbs. Any steps that can be taken to minimize the risk would have major health and economic implications.

The National Kidney Foundation has identified 39 herbal supplements that have the potential to harm the kidneys. Patients with kidney disease were significantly less likely to use potentially harmful dietary supplements as compared with NHANES respondents without kidney disease.

“The use of dietary supplements that are potentially harmful in chronic kidney disease is common and, as use is not statistically different by disease status, patients with chronic kidney disease may be unaware of the risk,” said Grubbs.


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