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Statins have been the drug of choice for prevention of cardiovascular events in high risk patients. This study on statins further reiterates its efficacy and also compares the effects of the two frequently used statins. Team@CMHF

With more emphasis on prevention than cure AHA has come out with new guidelines which are easy on the CAD patients in order to prevent cardiovascular events or reduce such risks on these patients. Team@CMHF

Niacin added to statin therapy gave significant improvement on HDL and Triglyceride levels but had no added effect on LDL levels says a report. Team@CMHF

Doctors can improve treating LDL cholesterol

Posted by: admin on: July 21, 2011

Identification and treatment of individuals with high LDL or “bad” cholesterol has improved in recent years, but patients are still slipping through the cracks If too much LDL cholesterol is circulating in the blood, it can begin to build up on the walls of blood vessels Buildup of cholesterol contributes to the development of plaque […]

Category Cardio vascular system/ Family Practice/ Clinical guidelines We all know that as high 40% victims of 1st STEMI succumb within 1st hour. How the patient is managed is of paramount importance. More important for primary care practice is prevention of such a terminal event and following new guidelines definitely help! Team@CMHF

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