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Surgery is no quick fix for obese teens

Posted by: admin on: December 15, 2011

With a high standard of living, array of fast foods and sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become the biggest disease plaguing the teenagers. Bariatric surgery done is not the final answer. Here is a study. Team@CMHF

New insights into anemia management in people with chronic kidney disease. Abstract of the interview of Dr Ajay Singh, Nephrologist by Dr George Bakris, MD Trial to Reduce Cardiovascular Events with Aranesp Therapy (TREAT) study was a large randomized controlled study in patients having diabetes with chronic kidney disease and anemia. Patients were randomized to […]

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  • drchasrani: Difficult to get such a data, authenticated at that. Try Times of India online library
  • rakesh pore: hi, where can i get genuine information about "10 most common drugs sold in india?" i want it for a local project
  • nilesh dutta: sir, Plz give detail about MBA Sports Management Thanks and Regards

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    Ananas - 33 kcal in 100g
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