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Hypertension study prompts new diagnosis guidance

Posted by: admin on: February 16, 2012

Diagnosis of hypertension has traditionally been based on blood-pressure measurements in the clinic, but studies have found that home and ambulatory measurements are better indicators of who will suffer heart problems and strokes. Taking repeated blood pressure readings over a 24-hour period rather than a one-off measurement in the clinic is the most cost-effective way […]

Stress also affecting lower S-E strata

Posted by: admin on: February 15, 2012

Stress which was always synonymous with urban life has now reached the tribals of the rural community. Read on to know more Team@CMHF

Obesity and Vitamin D deficiency go hand in hand

Posted by: admin on: February 13, 2012

An adolescent who is obese needs seven times the recommended Vit D than his lean counterpart says a new study. Team@CMHF

Are we over treating bactinuria: A study

Posted by: admin on: February 9, 2012

Bacteria in urine routine and a positive urine culture thereafter in asymptomatic patients does not always warrant antibiotics says a study. Team@CMHF

Diabetes and poor S-E class of mother predispose to ADHD

Posted by: admin on: February 8, 2012

Gestational diabetes in the lower socioeconomic status is something to take note of & managed well to reduce ADHD incidence in the children. Team@CMHF

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