Health Crisis of 21st Century- Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by: admin on: March 15, 2012

The Alzheimer’s Pakistan in collaboration with the Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) organized a workshop to advocate to the government to develop a Dementia Policy about the Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in the country.



  • Dr Yasmin Raashid, Patron of Alzheimer’s Pakistan, gave a presentation on Alzheimer’s disease in Pakistan and talked about the need for a dementia policy in Pakistan.
  • She informed the policymakers that Alzheimer’s disease was the most significant social and health crisis of 21st century.
  • A recent study from the UK showed that the costs of dementia exceeded those of cancer, heart disease and stroke combined.
  • There are an estimated 36 million people worldwide with dementia two thirds of them live in developing countries and this figure is set to increase to more than 115 million people by 2050.
  • Dr Yasmin said dementia was a collective name for progressive degenerative brain syndromes which affected memory, thinking, behaviour and emotion.
  • The chemistry of the brain changes and cells, nerves and transmitters are attacked.
  • Eventually, the brain shrinks, as gaps develop.
  • Symptoms of the disease are memory loss, disorientation, confusion, problems with reasoning and thinking.
  • She said there was dire need to create awareness, provide education to professionals and caregivers, increase diagnosis and promote risk reduction to combat this growing health menace.
  • She said it was the time that the government recognizes the importance of this disease and Alzheimer Action Plan be developed and initiated in the country.
  • Director General (DG) Health Punjab Dr Zahid Pervaiz said Alzheimer’s Pakistan had highlighted a very important issue that had long been neglected. He said the government was ready to provide health services to its people including elderly.
  • He further said the government would be ready to work in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Pakistan in developing a Dementia Centre at the Mayo Hospital Lahore which could work as a model centre to be replicated at other public institutions.
  • Punjab’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr Saeed Elahi said the government of Punjab under the leadership of the Chief Minister would do its best to provide services to people with dementia.
  • He also said he would also work towards developing a proper dementia policy in the province, so that patients and their families got timely diagnosis and required care and management.For further reading log on to

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