Management Options in Bipolar Disorder

Posted by: admin on: February 21, 2012

Behavioral changes and mood swings are on the rise with rising stress levels. Here is an overview of how to tackle Bipolar Disorder.


Bipolar disorder is often characterized by a state of depression with few patients experiencing suicidal tendencies. Patients with Bipolar disorder often suffer from depression, periods of elevated optimism, hyperactivity or sudden excitement.

Nearly 60% of the elevated excitement episodes appear in patients with Bipolar II disorder before or after a major depressive incident with characteristics that are unique to every individual. Researchers believe that disturbed sleep-wake cycle is the main cause which tends to trigger the episodes of hyperactivity or depression.

Neurotransmitters have been found to be responsible in the activity modifications leading to sudden mood swings.

Thus, the treatment for Bipolar disorder aims to regulate these neurotransmitters in order to restore normal mood and cognition. This can be achieved by non-pharmacologic methods like meditation, relaxation and exercise that do not involve any medication but have the potential to increase endogenous opioid and nicotinic receptor function that helps restore normal behaviour.

A mental status examination (MSE) is often recommended as it assesses the patient’s general appearance and demeanor, speech, movement, and interpersonal relatedness with the examiner and others. It also identifies suicidal tendencies in patients and subtle forms of psychosis, such as paranoia or delusional states.

Drugs like lithium, anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepines have been found to be successful in management of bipolar disorders.



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