Dietary guidelines Before Undergoing Bariatric Surgical Operation-Are you ready?

Posted by: admin on: December 9, 2011

Obesity is a major problem amongst the adults, teenagers and children alike. In Metabolic states of obesity where surgery is the only answer, pre-operative dietary guidelines have been chalked out.  Take a look at the guidelines.


Dietary Guidelines
Bariatric surgical operation is a kind of weight loss agenda which involves surgical treatment to overcome obesity. A period before undergoing this surgery, the patients will be advised by the doctors to start a extra preoperative diet which is customized for them.

Dietary Guidelines Reviews
Normally, the pre-op bariatric diet consists of food which is high in protein but low in calories, fats and carbohydrates. The endeavor of following the pre-op diet will assist the patients to cut their body fat in and nearby their liver, maintain and protect their muscle tissues, growth the rate of weight loss and the most important is to make the salvage process easier and faster.

In common, the time frame for the pre-op diet varies for each outpatient based on their weight and types of bariatric procedure. Commonly for gastric bypass and duodenal switch, the pre-op diet starts 3 months before the surgery. On the other hand, for gastric band surgery, the singular diet starts 3 weeks before the surgery.
The coarse dietary guidelines for normal references are like,

  •   Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol
  •  Cut food which is high in carbohydrates
  •  Cut fast food which contains high calories

This specially designed diet is not only important for patients before undergoing the performance for the purpose of reducing surgical risk, it is also important for preparing the patients to have a healthier lifestyle and eating habit after the surgery.

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