Nonaspirin NSAID Use Associated With Risk for Renal Cell Cancer

Posted by: admin on: November 3, 2011

Aspirin and other NSAIDS were studied and data suggests that analgesic use increases the risk of Renal Cell Cancer. It was observed with a dose-response relationship based on duration of use.


The current study evaluates data from 2 large, prospective cohort studies to better understand how analgesics might alter the risk for RCC. Analgesics are used to treat pain, but they may also affect the risk for cancer if used on a regular basis.

There was strong evidence that aspirin could reduce the risk for colonic adenomas, and regular aspirin use reduced the incidence of CRC by 22%. However, there were less data regarding the efficacy of aspirin in preventing the risk for mortality from CRC.

Overall, aspirin appeared more effective in reducing the risk for CRC when used at high doses and for durations in excess of 10 years. In contrast, analgesics such as aspirin have been implicated in increasing the risk for renal cell cancer (RCC).



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