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Resistance to Ciprofloxacin following misuse in the aftermath of Dombivali fever, in ‘80s may be remembered by all. Of late allergic reactions to quinolones have been noticed with increasing frequency. The reactions are not immediate type hypersensitivity but cross reactivity.                              Team@CMHF


Posted by: admin on: May 6, 2011

With rigid implementation of garbage disposal by clinics and hospitals, next on the agenda is “Disposal of Expired medicines”. I am sure most doctors throw away expired samples – only to be used by unscrupulous elements to repack/ relabel and put back in circulation. Some advice for us to follow and teach our patients as […]

Nine Drugs Added to FDA Watch List

Posted by: admin on: May 6, 2011

All drugs are monitored rigidly, even after having been approved by FDA, for reported adverse effects and drug interactions. It is duty of every practitioner to report – both to the manufacturer and FDA – any unreported adverse effect (maybe in one patient) for rational monitoring and necessary action. Team@CMHF

New Guidelines Raise Awareness of a Rare Stroke

Posted by: admin on: May 6, 2011

Stroke, till recently, was taken as an Acute Vascular (Arterial) Event with clinicians labeling patients as Stroke MCA territory/ Stroke ACA territory. Cerebral venous thrombosis related strokes, although rare, but more so in pregnant women/ those on OCPs have been identified as leading to significant morbidity. Team@CMHF

Urinary symptoms abound, especially in women; a large percentage self medicating with entry level (or higher) quinolone (just a few tablets; never a course). With increasing instance of pyelonephritis induced CRF in young women, it is time we took notice of how such infections are to be treated. Team@CMHF

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