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Should the FDA have rejected Contrave?

Posted by: admin on: October 13, 2011

by Daniel J. Carlat, MD Recently, the FDA has rejected another anti-obesity drug, Contrave, because of concerns that it might cause heart attacks in patients who take it for years. FDA’s excessive caution was motivated by its experience having been burned by the Fen-Phen fiasco. This was a weight loss drug widely prescribed in the […]

OBJECTIVE Use of gastric bypass surgery is common and increasing. Over 40% of patients in diabetes remission after gastric bypass surgery may redevelop diabetes within 5 years. Metformin, the first-line drug for diabetes, has low bioavailability and slow, incomplete gastrointestinal absorption. We hypothesized that gastric bypass would further reduce the absorption and bioavailability of metformin.

Do misperceptions and fear of embarrassment inhibit discussion of treatment options that would benefit many patients with obesity? Significant barriers are keeping adults affected by obesity and physicians from talking frankly about bariatric, or weight loss, surgery. The survey found that while four in five adults affected by obesity had discussed weight with their health […]

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Posted by: admin on: September 13, 2011

Obesity is a tough problem to resolve. All said and done surgery is the last hope and the magic fix for those into losing weight. Team@CMHF

S.A. woman is weighing in on shedding pounds with lap band

Posted by: admin on: August 25, 2011

For years, weight loss surgery has been reserved mostly for the morbidly obese. That included people who weighed a hundred pounds or more than they should. Now, the FDA has made a change that will open up the operation to people with a lot less weight to lose. FDA lowered the weight standards for surgery, […]

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