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With India becoming the diabetic capital we need to know how to manage our elderly diabetic patients. Choice of hypoglycemic agents in geriatric patients needs to be individualized says a review. Team@CMHF

Catching the pre-diabetics or those with Impaired glucose tolerance early enough and giving them a regimen of diet, exercise and anti diabetic drugs, will increase their insulin sensitivity, preserve their β cells of the pancreas and delay the onset of diabetes.  Here is a study. Team@CMHF

Compared to other hypoglycemic GLP-1 analogs, injectable liraglutide marketed by Novo Nordisk has reiterated its position as an efficient and safe post prandial glycemic level controller. Here is the study. Team@CMHF

EASD: Once-Weekly Exenatide Flops Against Liraglutide

Posted by: admin on: November 14, 2011

Although exenatide has found to have same pharmacological actions as the GLP1 liraglutide, its weekly doses fail to reduce levels of HbA1c as much as the later. Read on to know more.      Team@CMHF

OBJECTIVE Use of gastric bypass surgery is common and increasing. Over 40% of patients in diabetes remission after gastric bypass surgery may redevelop diabetes within 5 years. Metformin, the first-line drug for diabetes, has low bioavailability and slow, incomplete gastrointestinal absorption. We hypothesized that gastric bypass would further reduce the absorption and bioavailability of metformin.

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