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Drug safety at home

Posted by: admin on: April 18, 2012

Drugs consumed by kids or pets accidently can prove fatal at times. Emphasis here is as to how we can avoid such mishaps which is much needed in India. Team@CMHF

Who Said Strength training is not for kids?

Posted by: admin on: April 17, 2012

If you think weights are not for children, muscle strengthening exercises are injurious to kids, here’s something for you. Team@CMHF

Avoid New Hospital Stay

Posted by: admin on: April 4, 2012

Returning to the hospital after you have been treated and released is costly and in many cases, avoidable. -Team@CMHF  

Stress and Hair Loss

Posted by: admin on: March 28, 2012

In this fast track life, hair loss is a common complain amongst our patients.Here are 2 cases of hairloss and see what doctors have to say. Team@CMHF

Primary-Care Doctors the Need of the Hour

Posted by: admin on: March 27, 2012

When will Indian Govt wake up to the fact that primary care has been taken over by unqualified doctors and masses at large lament not having a family doctor. Team@CMHF

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  • drchasrani: Difficult to get such a data, authenticated at that. Try Times of India online library
  • rakesh pore: hi, where can i get genuine information about "10 most common drugs sold in india?" i want it for a local project
  • nilesh dutta: sir, Plz give detail about MBA Sports Management Thanks and Regards

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