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Canadian guidelines support no routine mammograms until 50

Posted by: admin on: January 17, 2012

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care on Monday issued new recommendations on breast cancer screening, and they’re similar to controversial guidelines issued in 2009 by a US governmental panel. -Team@CMHF

Delivering better maternity care

Posted by: admin on: January 12, 2012

A recent baby boom in the UK has highlighted the problems faced by understaffed and overstretched NHS maternity units. Denis Campbell reports on a roundtable debate about the future direction of obstetric care -Team@CMHF

One of a woman’s scariest moments should not be more expensive and painful than it has to be, but an investigation from NBC Action News in Kansas City found thousands of women are going under the knife to detect breast cancer when a safer, cheaper and equally reliable option is available. -Team@CMHF

The medicalisation of life continues apace with new National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) guidelines proposing caesarean section as, effectively, a lifestyle choice for all mothers, not just those who were only recently scorned as “too posh to push”. -Team@CMHF

Should you opt for a caesarean section if there’s no medical reason to do so? What is best for your baby and for you? -Team@CMHF

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