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US health panel: Pap tests needed only every 3 years

Posted by: admin on: April 5, 2012

Women only need to get a Pap test once every three years to check for cervical cancer, and don’t need to be screened until age 21 – even if they’re sexually active earlier, according to new guidelines from a government-backed panel. The statement from the United States Preventive Services Task Force, released on Wednesday, aligns […]


New Guidelines Discourage Yearly Pap Tests

Posted by: admin on: April 5, 2012

While Pap smears remain an essential part of cervical cancer prevention, new guidelines discourage the once-a-year screenings that have been a part of women’s health for years. -Team@CMHF  

Ten steps to conquering heart disease

Posted by: admin on: April 5, 2012

Heart disease is the No 1 killer in America, and that factors like obesity increase the risk of developing it. But of all the shocking things one may know about heart disease, here’s the statistic that you might find the most eye-opening: 80 percent of all heart disease is preventable. -Team@CMHF

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