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Compared to other hypoglycemic GLP-1 analogs, injectable liraglutide marketed by Novo Nordisk has reiterated its position as an efficient and safe post prandial glycemic level controller. Here is the study. Team@CMHF

FDA Warns of Serious Risks Associated With Liraglutide

Posted by: admin on: December 13, 2011

Antidiabetic drug Liraglutide, reduces meal-related hyperglycemia (for 12 hours after administration) by increasing insulin secretion, delaying gastric emptying, and suppressing prandial glucagon secretion. But its safety is questionable since it is associated with pancreatitis, and increased calcitonin secretion associated with thyroid tumour in mice. Read on to know more. Team@CMHF

A little bit of exercise makes a big difference

Posted by: admin on: December 13, 2011

Busy schedule through the day keeps most of us away from exercising on a routine basis. ACSM has brought out a new book with guidelines for adults. Here are the salient points of this book .If you haven’t been exercising read on and get motivated. Team@CMHF

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