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Cardiac arrest is fatal and to resuscitate in time is challenging. In the hospital setup patient may get immediate help and may survive, but out of hospital patients it is very difficult. A study about the helpfulness of existing guidelines shows uncertainty. Team@CMHF

Life style changes are important in preventing many diseases. All over the world doctors are putting more and more emphasis on lifestyle changes. Though in India it is yet not stressed upon as it should be. PAD is one such condition where exercise and cessation of smoking can improve the disease. Team@CMHF

Surgical Patients with IBD at Greater Risk for Blood Clots

Posted by: admin on: November 22, 2011

The incidence of DVT, PE, stroke and myocardial infarction within 30 days of surgery are higher in patients with IBD compared to other patients. Team@CMHF Patients with inflammatory bowel disease are at greater risk for postoperative deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, according to a study. According to the study, patients with IBD have historically […]

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  • drchasrani: Difficult to get such a data, authenticated at that. Try Times of India online library
  • rakesh pore: hi, where can i get genuine information about "10 most common drugs sold in india?" i want it for a local project
  • nilesh dutta: sir, Plz give detail about MBA Sports Management Thanks and Regards

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