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Why family medicine and internal medicine should not merge

Posted by: admin on: August 24, 2011

New internists are avoiding primary care assiduously. Internal medicine residency provides abundant options for its graduates. We can understand the forces driving subspecialty choice through simple observation over the years. Family medicine training provides a broad overview of medicine, pediatrics, ob-gyn, sports medicine, psychiatry, etc. Internal medicine training provides depth in adult medicine. While family medicine and internal medicine […]

Osteoporosis is a bone disorder characterized by low bone density, impaired bone architecture, and compromised bone strength that predisposes people to increased fracture risk. Osteoporosis is a major health concern worldwide and for many Americans 50 years of age and older. The prevalence of osteoporosis rises dramatically with age. It has been estimated that the […]

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public that injectable terbutaline should not be used in pregnant women for prevention or prolonged treatment (beyond 48-72 hours) of preterm labor in either the hospital or outpatient setting because of the potential for serious maternal heart problems and death. Terbutaline is approved to prevent […]

Working overtime can increase coronary artery disease risk

Posted by: admin on: August 23, 2011

British civil servants working three to four hours longer than usual per day appear to have an increased risk of having a coronary heart disease event, a prospective cohort study showed. After accounting for traditional cardiovascular risk factors and other variables, those working 11 to 12 hours per day had a 56 percent greater risk […]

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In it, the liberal sociologist citied a recent nutritional study that found 8 out of 10 Americans who try to lose weight fail. So in Etzioni’s mind, “all the hoopla about dieting” only diverts resources “from the one group in which healthy eating, especially if combined with exercise, can make a significant difference – children, […]


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