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FDA makes more people eligible for gastric-band surgery

Posted by: admin on: June 28, 2011

Food and Drug Administration approved a lower recommended body mass index (BMI) threshold for Lap-Band weight loss surgery, to a BMI of 30 for patients with at least one obesity-related condition. Lap-Band is a procedure that helps patients lose weight by restricting the amount of food that can be consumed at each meal.

Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and Vision

Posted by: admin on: June 27, 2011

Learning disabilities constitute a diverse group of disorders in which children who generally possess at least average intelligence have problems processing information or generating output. The etiologies of learning disabilities are multifactorial and reflect genetic influences and dysfunction of brain systems. Reading disability or dyslexia is the most common learning disability.

FDA Approves Oral Contraceptive Containing Folate

Posted by: admin on: June 27, 2011

  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an oral contraceptive — the first of its kind — that is intended both to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk for neural tube defects in newborns if and when users of the pill give birth. The new contraceptive contains levomefolate calcium, a metabolite of folic […]

If possible reductions in medication use and cost can motivate patients to make lifestyle changes, the long-term goals of better health and quality of life can be achieved Action for Health and Diabetes investigators recently reported beneficial effects of 1 year of intensive lifestyle intervention on weight loss, glycemic control, and cardiovascular risk factors. This […]

Many adults being treated for depression in primary care may have undiagnosed bipolar disorder (BD), suggests a new study It’s likely, say the researchers, that many of these patients are receiving antidepressant monotherapy. For people who in fact have undiagnosed bipolar disorder, these drugs may be at best unhelpful and at worst harmful. BD can […]

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