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Sibutramine, the obesity drug, loses its weight

Posted by: admin on: May 5, 2011

For once, Indian Government has acted fast and has banned Sibutramine due to serious cardiovascular risks in users. We need a strict watchdog to take similar action on drugs that cause more side effects than actual effects. Team@CMHF

How to quit smoking?

Posted by: admin on: May 5, 2011

Today knowing well enough that smoking is the single most important risk factor for IHD & Lung Cancer, many doctors continue to smoke under several justifications – stress, concentration etc etc. The very first step for quitting is to shun ambivalence about quitting and making a firm resolve to quit at any cost. No sacrifice […]

It is time that we in India start talking of fraud in healthcare, more openly and stop pushing it under the carpet. What we don’t realize is FRAUD is single most significant factor in Health Insurance not getting its deserved place in a consumer’s mind. Across the globe, no one is spared! With a wave […]

Why Do Patients “Disrespect” Doctors?

Posted by: admin on: May 5, 2011

Doctors today lament that patients don’t respect them anymore! Or at least not as much! Instances abound where patients have beaten up doctors and burnt hospitals. Have we ever thought “Why?”. In a country where doctors were akin to God, why such did-respect? As always, no studies in India, let us see what our western […]

With incidence of colorectal cancer on the rise in India, largely due to constipation, induced by increased consumption of refined flour, the incidence is likely to further rise with GenNext having turned sleepless, thanks to their way of living and having fun. Team@CMHF

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  • drchasrani: Difficult to get such a data, authenticated at that. Try Times of India online library
  • rakesh pore: hi, where can i get genuine information about "10 most common drugs sold in india?" i want it for a local project
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