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Child Paracetamol Dosages Updated

Posted by: admin on: January 3, 2012

The UK’s drug regulator has issued new dosage guidelines for children’s liquid medicines such as Calpol and Disprol. The new, age-specific guidance stipulates exact doses of liquid paracetamol medicines that should be given to children, doing away with the ranged doses currently in use. The guidelines also introduce seven narrower age bands covering children from […]

More than 1.5 million adults live in nursing homes in the United States, and approximately 30 percent of people will die with a nursing home as their last place of residence. As this population continues to increase, so will the need for physicians to assist those patients with proper care and guidance in making end-of-life […]

We need some guidelines to help us determine how best to treat blood pressure in the elderly. The medical groups say a sudden drop in blood pressure can cause fainting, which could result in serious injuries for older patients. A new guideline’s aim is to make it easier in some ways to treat hypertension in […]

Yet another Guideline for Dyslipidaemias

Posted by: admin on: December 28, 2011

Dyslipidaemias are the major risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Its management is very important to reduce the risk. The new guidelines stress that lipid-modifying treatment should be tailored according to the need. What is suitable for a 40-year old man without a family history of CVD is not appropriate for an elderly patient with a […]

Guidelines issued for management of dyslipidemias

Posted by: admin on: December 23, 2011

Though lifestyle management remains the first line of treatment for management of dyslipidemia, new guideline states that if the goal is not achieved with lifestyle alone than pharmacological agent should be considered.  A successful management will reduce the dreaded risk of CVD. Team@CMHF

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