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AAP: New SIDS Guideline Says No to Bumper Pads

Posted by: admin on: November 7, 2011

We need to understand SIDS and the importance of the infant’s environment in preventing suffocation deaths. No evidence exists to support the view that bumper pads reduce SIDS risk. We need to reduce unsafe sleeping practice. Breast feeding and immunisation prevent SIDS – Team@CMHF

Surgery is only a part of weight loss

Posted by: admin on: November 7, 2011

Angela Howard is half the woman she used to be, literally. At the worst she can remember, Howard, 37, weighed 303 pounds. Granted, that was after having six children, but she wasn’t happy with how being overweight made her look and feel. She wanted to change and she did change -Team@CMHF

Dietary Management of Diabetes

Posted by: admin on: November 7, 2011

Correct nutrition is the cornerstone of diabetes management and Indian vegetable and herbs are effective in controlling the disease -Team@CMHF

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